concord-left-2.jpgConcord Cladding and CE Marking

Declaration of Performance - Light Colours
Declaration of Performance - Dark colours & Foils


From the 1st July 2013 certain products sold within the EU will be required to carry a CE marking.

A CE marking will be:

This will only affect products that come under the new harmonised product standards agreed by the EEC. These harmonised standards are known as hENs

Products Affected

At present the only products in the Concord range that will be affected are the Cladding profiles: Shiplap, TeeGee, OpenV and Feather Edge. Cladding trims are not affected.

In order to ensure compliance with the new regulations, tests have been carried out on Concord cladding for fire resistance, impact resistance and durability in accordance with the new harmonised standard for PVC cladding, hEN 13245-2:2008.

To make it known that Concord products have been tested, a Declaration of Performance will make available. This is a statement which asserts that Concord cladding products comply with the requirements of the standard (one for light colours and one for dark colours and foils).


From 1st July 2013:

The marking will be on the back of the boards and will have: