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The Concord range of fascias and soffits now has a 20 Year Extended Guarantee that is available to installation companies that are registered on this website.



The Concord 20 Year Extended Guarantee applies where Concord Branded White fascias and soffits are installed together with either Swish or Kayflow White gutters. When the installation is registered on this website the product guarantee on the whole system will be extended to 20 Years.


How to register your company:

Please take time to read all the information below.

In order to register your company on this website you will need to:

Once you have submitted your registration, details of your user name and password will be confirmed to you by email and you will then be able to offer Concord Extended Guarantees and register them on behalf of your customers.

Consumer Protection

  1. In order to provide a reasonable degree of protection for consumers SBP Limited requires all installers who wish to register for the Concord Extended Guarantee to accept the Terms and Conditions set out in the Concord Trading and Installation Declaration.
  2. In addition SBP Limited will contact all homeowners registered at this website and ask them to provide information concerning the quality of the installation and the service that was provided with the installation.
  3. SBP Limited reserves the right, at its own discretion, to withdraw access to the Concord Extended Guarantee registration facility. This will apply to any installer that SBP Limited decides has not fulfilled the quality, service or sales and marketing requirements set out in the Concord Trading and Installation Declaration.

Concord Trading and Installation Declaration

By moving to the next stage and completing the information required to register your company on this website it is deemed that you have read and agreed to the terms of this declaration and that you do so as an authorised representative of your company (refered to below as The Company).

  1. I understand that the Concord Extended Guarantee applies to standard White fascias, soffits guttering and cladding only.

  2. I understand that, in order for installations registered by The Company on the www.concordpvc.co.uk  website to benefit from the Concord Extended Guarantee, any PVC Roofline, Gutter and Cladding products used on the Installation must consist exclusively of Concord brand for the roofline (including any cladding) and either Swish or Kayflow brand for the guttering system.

  3. I understand that if for any reason SBP Limited concludes that an installation does not conform with point 1 above then any products provided under the Concord, Swish or Kayflow brands will only be covered by their standard product guarantees.

  4. I understand that the installation must conform with the maximum fixing centres, fixing types, fixings quantities and ventilation requirements set out in the Summit Complete Guide (A276) and in either the Swish or Kayflow Rainwater Installation Guides and as required by the Building Regulations.

  5. I understand that The Company must only register the value of the roofline, cladding and rainwater installation for the purposes of the Guarantee (ie products and labour exclusive of vat), and not the installed value of any other products such as windows and doors.

  6. I understand that SBP Limited reserves the right to withdraw The Company’s access to the Concord Extended Guarantee scheme on www.concordpvc.co.uk at any time if SBP Limited considers that The Company has not complied with the terms of this Trading and Installation Declaration. Installations already registered prior to that time will continue to benefit from the Summit Extended Guarantee subject to 2 above.

  7. I understand that SBP Limited does not condone pressure selling techniques of any kind and any evidence of such techniques being used by ‘the Company’ in the sale of installations registered on this website will, at SBP Limited’s complete discretion, cause the installers registration to be withdrawn with immediate effect.

  8. I understand that SBP Limited requires representatives of The Company to conduct themselves in a friendly, reasonable and non-threatening manner when in contact with customers for the purposes of sales, installation or after sales service and to take all reasonable steps to provide a positive customer experience that reflects well on the Concord, Swish and Kayflow Brand as well as their own company.

  9. I understand that registration on this website does not mean that The Company is in anyway endorsed by Concord or SBP Limited, and The Company should not use such terms as "Concord Registered Installer" or "Concord Approved Installer" for the purpose of sales and marketing.


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